Chapter 8 – It is important to prepare the equipment

Translator: Croseven

Editor: Croseven

The day when I could do something more than cooking arrived…while I watch over the cooking I did some woodwork.

When the [Cooking] skill reached level 20 I learned a new sub-skill [Cooking Acceleration]

The skill has an effect that shortens greatly the time it takes to cook something, be it grilling or boiling it.

However. It is useless to demonstrate the concentration that I develop in the cooking hell if I relax and don’t show consistency.

I finished the order of dishes at a high speed, while maintaining quality. That is the true meaning of concentrate in the work.

Whatever, finally I can begin to do some woodwork. The goal of course is to make the best bow possible.

It’s truly reckless to go to the next field with a beginner bow with attack power of 2.

Since the material is already prepared, I start production at once. First of all, the simplest way of making a bow is by cutting planks and producing a bow.

Because the [Woodworking] skill is still low the composite bow is rather weak.

It is foolish to think something good would come out of it with the present skill level…

I began to cut out the shape of the bow, I do some small trimming to create a grip so it’s easier to handle and the bow doesn’t slip from the hands….I set up the bowstring and it’s complete.

In reality I don’t know the manufacture method to make a bow.

Anyway it was completed. The performance…

Beginner Woodworker’s Bow

ATK +4

Bow made by someone that is training in the arts of woodwork. Inadequate to use against goblin.

Production evaluation: 3

Its performance is at least better than the beginner’s bow.

For the first time making a bow it’s damn good.

Even with low [Woodworking] skills, the [Crafting] skill is rather high, because it allows a rather high degree of correction making it a very effective skill.

To raise the [Woodworking] skill I start to mass-produce.

Afterwards I will be able to make good use of the materials but for now not really.

Then I remember the time when I started cooking [I fiddle around with the fabrication process…].

I not only grill but also boil using herbs, as a result of messing around, I reached a good result.

Then, will it also work for woodwork?

It is fun to produce things by trial and error. I try to improve the bow by using 1 type of plank that bends easily and then 2 more planks but of a more rigid type.

I place all the planks in the shape of a bow and put the hard wood planks in the right and left. (TN: hard wood/ soft wood/ hard wood)

Does the bow performance get better if both wood characteristics complement each other?

I thought so.

I shape three planks in form of a bow and then overlap them.

I attach the three planks so it doesn’t fall apart, in addition, I made a latch below the central section. (TN: not an archery expert, but I think is where the arrow lays in the bow…)

I shave the surface in a curved manner, thinking that I would get a better balance.

After handling the bow numerous times to make sure everything is ok I put the bowstring.

I confirm many times the strength and balance of the bow because it would not be funny if in the middle of the battle the bow dismantles….

Because I used different types of wood the bow is white in the central area while black in its borders. Like that, the bow was completed.

The result was that until now was the best bow I produced.

Prototype composite wood bow

ATK +12

The bow was born from the idea of combining more the one type of wood in one single bow. Even though the performance is good, the maintenance of the bow is difficult.

Production evaluation: 5

I improved greatly from a beginner’s bow with ATK+2.

For the time being, I decided to go with this.

Because two kinds of wood were used I understand the explanation that will be hard to maintain such bow.

Even if it is a difficult bow to maintain I still have no doubts about its performance.

Now that the weapon is done, what is left to get is the armor gear.

I went to consult the craftsman player about the armor gear.

Mostly because armor craftsman create armor gear with a weapon holder for the majority of weapon. When I reach (the shop) I found one player with a boy type appearance.

In a signboard [Sell armor, Buy materials]

When I was thinking if this craftsman was alone, someone call out to me…

[Please come in, Chef-san!]

It was my first time meeting him but already he is calling me chef.

Trying to not get depressed, I told him that I was looking for armor.

[What do you want? What mastery you have?]

[I want to discuss that point. Because I don’t have leather or cloth mastery] I convey honestly that I don’t have any type of mastery.

It can’t be helped to show ones true hands…

[Well, we only have leather armor. It seems you aren’t from magician system?] He concluded easily

I already had many conversations like these one up until now.

[I agree. I don’t want cloth armor because it would be a hindrance to use the bow…]. The mainstream for cloth system is mostly robes.

Though of course there are clothes, too, but for now they aren’t considered armor but an avatar item (TN: Appearance item)

There are many players who use them habitually as plain clothes in the downtown.

[You mean…you are the archer that got entangled with those bad players in the first day…]

[It’s me “Maaarioo”… (TN: nothing to see here keep moving >.>) But since then I didn’t meet them anymore so I’m relief for that.]

That accusation is troublesome, but I’m’ going to avoid useless interrogation. As long they don’t obstruct with bad-mouthing.
There isn’t a reason to strike the brats one-by-one… (TN: This paragraph just killed my brain…but it’s not important for the overall story!)

[Anyway, I want you to estimate the cost of a good set of leather armor, is it good?] To achieve my purpose I start slowly trying to negotiate.

[Then how about this…I just finished making some werewolf leather. It is considerably strong and it doesn’t need any mastery because it’s not that heavy, at least that is what I recommend]

Werewolf is a monster that is quit ahead. There are people who already are killing it and selling it here to produce armor.

Even if it’s a superior armor I still can use it, but…

[Lowest price? Of course we are talking about a complete set here…] I have 86000 goru on me. I didn’t keep cooking only for show…although I had to purchase some seasonings and ingredients, I, who still has not left the first field, has a lot of money.

[There isn’t that much leather circulating around here, so for a full set it will be 68000 goru, please!] Well, it would be normal for prices to be higher if the leather doesn’t circulate. But I don’t need to be stingy with the armor which is going to protect my life.

[Ok, I will buy a full set for the price you are asking]

[Then that concludes the business talk, thank you!]

Thus equipped with a new weapon and new armor I was ready to aim for the next field.

By the way, the stats of the armor are the following:

Werewolf Leather Set

Head DEF: +5

Body DEF: + 15

Pants DEF: + 13

Arm DEF: +8

Leg DEF: +6

When the full set is equipped there is a small ATK rise

Skill status:

[Archery] Level 11

[Kick] Level 12

[Far Sight] Level 8

[Wind Magic] Level 9

[Crafting] Level 17

[Cooking] Level 25

[Woodworking] Level 9

[Medicine] Level 9

[Stealth] Level 7

[Physical Boost] Level 15

ExP 5


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