All-out edition + random info!

How everyone is doing?! Enjoying chapter 7 I hope!! πŸ˜€

So since today’s lunch I have been editing as far as my abilities allow all the chapters released by me!!

Also, in other note, I change the skill name [Sniper Eye] to [Far Sight] because it is a much more direct translation and it’s still a pretty common name for an actual MMO skill name.

Besides that I added a few more tables on chapter 6 (bread, salt, pepper and herbs)

Last but not least I will be starting to work on the ch. 8 in a few minutes so today or tomorrow you guys will see an upload! πŸ™‚

– Croseven

P.s.: Regarding chapter 1 part 1 from my teaser project is coming along but the way the author writes is giving me a huge headache so I don’t know when that chapter will be up >.> Β Sorry… ='(


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