Chapter 14 (Update)

Hello everyone! Just a heads up that the release of chapter 14 is running late! With that said… I personally think that will make much more sense to release chapter 14&15 together…(Probably this thursday!!) Even the author thought that the second part was to long, so he broke down the second part in 2! Last but … More Chapter 14 (Update)

Chapter 13 – First time playing in a Party (First Part)

Translator: Croseven Editor: Croseven HELLOOOOOOOOOO everyone! I’m back for more! 😀 Some of you already know but I fell sick a few weeks ago…but I’m already recovering…with that said here it is…chapter 13! P.s: In a sad note…I hope all my french readers and their families are okay!   I have been focusing for a while … More Chapter 13 – First time playing in a Party (First Part)

No chapter today!

Good night! (Or day…) Unfortunately only one chapter these week! I have been somewhat busy with RL stuff! Depending on how much work I have next week…I will try to release 2/3 chapters! Croseven


Chapter 6 is live @ chapter-6-a-sense-stronger-than-any-weapon/ Chapter 7 will be up until midnight (UTC Timezone = GMT +00:00) so around 5hours from now, but if that doesn’t happen then only tomorrow morning! Another thing tell me what you think about the tables! Do you like them, useful or do I get rid of them? – Croseven


Ohohoh….hello there dear readers…! This is my first attempet to translate something…first of all my native language is not english nor japanese, so in advance: “I’m sorry for any mistakes” Second, I still am developing the website and further add stuff to it 😉 Ohhh…last but not least I still don’t have a schedule for uploads… … More Welcome!