Toaru Ossan no VRMMO Katsudouki [Index]

Raw Version (Original)

Raw Version (Summary)

Chapter 1 – First Day

Chapter 2 – The Crowded First Day and the Training Grounds (Translated by Rondo @ project-accelerator)

Chapter 3 – Time to finally leave the training field… which is a good thing.(Translated by Rondo @ project-accelerator)

Chapter 4 – At last, I begin to experience the first step …probably!

Chapter 5 – Foolish Misunderstanding

Chapter 6 – A sense stronger than any weapon

Chapter 7 – Supply and Demand aren’t always balanced

Chapter 8 – It is important to prepare the equipment

Chapter 9 – I finally start the capture. But seeing from the surroundings it is done at turtle speed

Chapter 10 – It is today, therefore, thinking it is tomorrow is foolish

Chapter 11 – I reject an egoist society 

Chapter 12 – Bad luck, an original ability is not allowed 

Chapter 13 – First time playing in a Party (First Part )

Chapter 14 – First time playing in a Party (Second Part)

Chapter 15 –


17 thoughts on “Toaru Ossan no VRMMO Katsudouki [Index]

  1. say could you please tell me where i can find the raw Versions of chapter 2 and onwards since i somehow get accessed to a summary or something like that when i try to click on the chapter in the raws. sorry for asking and thank you~

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  2. Bad news!!
    I was skimming the chapters of the Raw Version original, and about 45 chapters were actually NOT saved on the webarchive, wayback machine or whatever it is.

    The most noticeable gap are the chapters with the dates July 24, 2013 to September 7, 2013. Those, and potentially others, were not saved in the web archive! So that’s a gigantic blank that does not exist on the internet anymore. Attempting to access those links, will take you to the chapter on the Raw Links that the author has replaced with summaries.

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    1. Well…that actually sucks….will try to find a 2nd source! if not possible then oh well….maybe look at another project!
      Nevertheless…thanks a lot for the heads up! 😀

      P.s: Chapter 13 is up! 😉


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