Chapter 11 – I reject an egoistical society

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[I don’t have any products to sell to you, the way back home is that way.]

I reply to the Mohawk party, or perhaps I should say there are no exceptions.

The reason is because I would make a fool out of the players who have been waiting in line so far to buy.

[Oh!? To say such a thing to us in spite of being a small fry!]

This fellow is a complete [fool], there is no way to save him.

[I don’t know how you measure your wisdom, but I’m not selling] (TN: 「あんたらの物差しではどうだか知らんが、売るものは無い!」)

To lose here is unpleasant especially if you lived for 38 years. (TN: ここで引いたら負けだ、引いたらろくでもないことになるなんて38年生きてくりゃ嫌でも分かる。)

Moreover probably these guys are in their mid-teens, in MMO games there are countless people who make childish actions (TN: Also had some trouble translating this phrase…)

I don’t RP (Role Play) either.

[Bastard, good resolution, I wonder if you are ready to die!?]

A terrible small fry wants to rebel…I should teach him a lesson. (TN: 三下の凄(すご)みってレベルか……教える義理は無いが教えてやるか。)

[You will understand the meaning if you look behind you!]

The Mohawk party raises his voice while turning is head [What? Was something behind?] …there was only killing intent there.

Did he finally notice…the fool!

There is no way that they aren’t angry for being cut in after waiting so long in the line

[What bastard…growing excited] (TN: Second part of the phrase not sure :/)

A lot of people who are here now are people who play in the front lines using the combat system.

Gazes filled with bloodthirst (Furthermore several people started to hold their weapons).

Did they finally understood how their speech and behavior were indeed foolish?

[Such a small fry, is not worth protecting!? Well then prepare to steal!]

… … I take back what I just said, it seems he still didn’t understand.

Certainly there was no meaning for a manufacturer to be strong and combat-oriented.

It is only natural, that my abilities are not assigned/designed to combat compared to the fighting group.

However, outside of combat I’m particularly strong.

I produce good weapons and armor similiar to armorers (craftsman who craft/repair armor). (TN: I think is properly translated but I don’t remember him making any armor…. いい武器を作る、防具を作るといった武具職人。

The craftsmen with [Medicine] system have the choice to produce emergency health potions.

The cook “heals” the hunger, making possible to continue fighting.

I produce various accessories, armor differ on ability depending on the craftsman. (TN: さまざまなアクセサリーを製作し、防具とは違った能力をつける

As more people play the game, the behavior of neglecting and ignoring the manufacture players is not approved.

Anyhow, once the manufacture jobs stops tool production then it will be impossible to buy tools therefore making a heavy losses.

And if that happens., it is likely to turn in a matter of life or death in such a game.

The connection with manufacture players has to be strong. If the talk of vicious players spreads as regular information, it’ll be impossible to sell weapons, armors or tools at all.

And, the weapons and armor that NPC’s sell have the quality drop rather quickly.
Making it, unreasonable to only expect to get equipment from item drops.

The killing method, a good example is to swing the sword at everything.(TN: I’m tired…this chapter is taking pieces of my soul)

The Mohawk party doesn’t notice at all. They deal with matters quickly and carelessly and they think that by threatening me I will sell.

[Huh. Stupid is stupid and because that is the case, I believe there is no salvation for this fools] I mutter so that the my real thoughts would be heard on purpose.

There were indeed many players who nodded.

[Bastard…don’t get carried away…]

The man who seemed to be the leader of the Mohawk party threatens in anger.

And the displayed character is…(TN: そして表示された文字は……)

[From Ward: Challenge to a duel, do you accept?]

Well met. This guy, I want to put an end to this on my own.

Among manufacture jobs, at the present time I’m able to cook and produce potions, a man’s duel….(TN: a bit random this paragraph I feel…)

[It seems good, if you don’t understand with words and actions, then there is only one option left, to kill…]

I reply by pressing the YES button. Watching the potential situation 

[Oi, you probably do not need to accept anything!?] Zwei raises his voice. Well, normally it’s not necessary to accept. 

These guys decided to pick a fight against the manufacture players at this occasion is a complete defeat….however.

[I wonder if it is a good memory to take to the afterlife.] I answered

The duel takes place right there by transfering us to a somewhat special space. So that the surrounding people could watch the conclusion we enable spectator mode.

Everyone who was watching though that I would lose.

The opponent is a two-handed sword warrior with complete protection from heavy armor.

I’m just a bow user and a production player using leather armor.

It’s clear as day, for both me and him.

However whatever the circumstances may be I will cause an upset.

Ward already intends to completely win and smirked.

….It’s very convenient, he is relaxing his guard.

Even if he is using heavy armor there are still a few gaps…it’s a good opportunity to pierce that weak point (TN: the gap between the armor). For that let’s have him get off guard..


Duel countdown starts.

We are 10m apart from each other, considering my arts, there will be no time to pull the bow.


There was no time to pull the bow.

Ward rushes out and shortens the distance, he unleashes the long sword arts.

He slashes down while lunging forward so that way he combines the weight of the long sword. Because I don’t know about long sword arts, I don’t know the name of the art.

(TN: skill= arts= system?? From now on, System is a generic term for a group of skills and skills can unleash arts…

Example: Magician System -> Wind Magic Skill -> Wind Needle Arts….no more confusion I hope :D)

Though I don’t know, it’s enough to understand that the attack will be coming in a straight line.

In short, there is no difference at all from a Wolf rushing.

I evaded by moving only half a step aside!

However, according to the surrounding people that were watching I will be unable to strike back.

I feel like I heard a voice saying [Ah…] or [No use…]

The voice the next moment though changed to one of astonishment [Huh!?]

The offensive power and performance of long sword arts are certainly good. However, if you avoid them it will expose a gap.

Ward who didn’t think of that suddenly attacked using the arts, a bold move. But a stupid one…

Though his skill level seems to be higher than mine….it takes time to lift the sword after being swung down and it piercing the ground.

…this moment is priceless to me!

I upper kicked Ward’s jaw just like I do with the horned rabbits.

ダメージは大して入っていない……が、ダメージはこの行動的にはおまけ This doesn’t do much damage… but there’s a bonus damage for this action. (TN: thanks to Kisato for the translation of this sentence…only a slight change to fit better)

A sure thing is to expose the neck, the neck is one of the weak points.

By kicking the jaw, Ward bended back exposing a gap….taking advantage of that moment I distance myself while withdrawing I do a half rotation and I pull the bow.

The purpose of rotating is to pull the bow quicker by using centrifugal force.

And I shoot an arrow at Ward’s neck before he balances himself out.

[Doshu…] The sound made by flesh being pierced with a pinpoint hit.

And that arrow will be stuck for a certain period of time.

Because the difference in level is huge, I can’t hesitate and hold back, it’s a harsh scene but I have to do it.

[I, I…lesson….] It looks like it is difficult to talk with and arrow trough the neck (TN: I’m not gonna even… *Facepalm*)

There is no danger of a magic projectile either.

To take the arrow that was stuck in the neck you would use both hands.There is no logic reason, it is simply an instinct type of action.

….But that is synonymous to expose a fatal gap.


The arrow stands against Ward’s face. It is needless to say that I shoot an arrow.
There are indeed a lot of weak points on the human body such as the face, head, neck, heart, between the eyebrows, solar plexus…

Because of the heavy armor is not possible to aim at the heart or the solar plexus.

To give a dirty blow has no use and to attack on the back will be impossible too.

It is seriously useless to give a boxing blow from behind on the neck at the present time because I’m still not able to do a rabbit punch.

Tough I say just to make sure, but a rabbit punch in modern boxing is a foul technique. It is because it’s an attack method that might really kill the player.

(TN: Ok after researching aka flipping the table again… –> )

Well, Ward suffers when his face got pierced with an arrow, it seems he still has approximately 40%HP left. (TN: さて、顔面にまで矢をつきたてられたウォードは苦しんでいるし、HPバーも突き刺さったことによる継続ダメージが存在しているようだが


Because this is a duel there are actually no casualties.

Therefore, without reservation I shot another arrow to this guy’s face.


Ward suffers loudly. The arrow that was stuck to the neck despawns in the meantime. With this there is only 5% left.

I aim at the arrow that was stuck on the face, and then start running and jump kick it.

The jump kick hits the arrow and sticks the arrow even more to Ward’s face. Ward shatters.

『You WIN』

The character feelings didn’t remain dull…(TN: psshh…butcher master…here! But let’s be honest the phrase is not that important to the main story…)

And then, I return to the original world from the Duel area.

The Mohawk party was terrified, they thought it was going to be an easy win against such a small fry. However they were defeated without even dealing one blow against me, a bow user.

Until now, they still didn’t believe what happened and got scared.

It was already troublesome that this incident took so much time so I only issued a word

[Quickly get out of my sight and don’t show your face anymore]

The Mohawk party left in a big hurry.

They are already finished because the unfavorable criticism spreads in an instant.

Beside that they provoked a manufacture to a duel and still lost, they are a laughingstock. That is the main reason that they will not be able to recover.

Still towards the people around rustling…

[I apologize for the time I took, at once let’s resume selling potion. Afterwards, I have to go around and collect medicinal herbs] Immediately the surrounding people started moving after hearing my voice.

Afterwards, I went to gather medicinal herbs and for the rest of the day I made potions.

Somehow it was possible to sell potions to everyone who came to buy.

Thanks to that I felt relieved and log out.

… It is a digression but as for the five members of Mohawk party, since the day of the duel, they have been completely ignored by the manufacture players.

They can’t even get repairs, to buy equipment, tools or potions is only foolish thinking of their part. Only possible conclusion, they retire from the world literally (TN: Rage quit! xD)

Skill status:

[Bow] Level 17

[Kick] Level 16

[Far Sight] Level 12

[Wind Magic] Level 11

[Crafting] Level 28

[Cooking] Level 31

[Woodworking] Level 9

[Medicine] Level 26

[Stealth] Level 10

[Physical Boost] Level 20

ExP 11


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  1. Urg, please re-edit, this engrish is shocking compared to the previous chapters… I would honestly prefer you spend another week to work on a chapter properly than rushing like this and deliver a sloppy translation… But thx for the effort, anyway.

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    1. Well it is much easier to have proper english when I understand fully what the author means…that is why this chapter may lack “editing”…nevertheless I will give another look a try to improve as much as possible

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  2. Hmm, maybe you should try to re-edit this after you get some rest (especially for your tortured brain)..
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      1. May I help you a bit? But please note that I did take some liberties to make the trans flows smoother and sounds more natural (I’ll mark these with *). Here:
        Title -> I reject an egoistical/egocentric society*
        Gazes filled with thirstblood -> Bloodthirst.

        This fellow is a complete [fool], there is no salvation.
        -> This fellow/guy is a complete [fool/idiot], there’s no saving him.*

        At last did they understood how there speech and behavior were indeed foolish?
        -> Did they finally understand how their speech and behavior were indeed foolish?

        It is only natural, my ability  is not assign to combat…
        -> …my abilities are not designed for combat.. (I think the author’s talking about his skillset)

        I produce good weapons and armor such as the armor craftsman.
        -> I produced good weapons and armors like/similar/akin to the armor craftsmen (armorers/blacksmiths?)

        [Oi, you probably do not need to receive anything!?]
        -> receive -> accept (the duel request)

        Manufacture players/profession -> usually in mmos, (as far as i know) we call ’em Production/Crafting Class(es)/Job(s)

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  3. Oh great translator, please accept my deepest thanks! Your struggles in translating sound as if I’m on the quest of doing my physics homework so I feel you very much, oh great translator. Please continue and live onthe quest!!

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  4. ダメージは大して入っていない……が、ダメージはこの行動的にはおまけ

    Should likely be translated as
    “This doesn’t contain much damage… but there’s bonus damage for this action.”

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    1. Oh…I see it’s ダメージ = dame-ji (damage) and not ダメージは=dame-jiha (dame = no good – jiha= one’s own faction/party)
      I will try to rembember that! I learn something today ^^


  5. ダメージは大して入っていない……が、ダメージはこの行動的にはおまけ

    Should likely be translated as-
    “This doesn’t contain much damage… but there’s bonus damage for this action. “

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  6. U mention u dont know what the different between the skill and art. Base on my understanding, art is a move from the skill tree. exp [Kick] skill has art name {High Kick}, [Bow] has art name {String Shot}… art can be learn once the skill reach certain lvl (usualy every 5lvl).
    I hope this help in some way

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    1. Yes, you are correct! I already saw that mistake twice…I apolagize and thank you in helping out 😀
      I’m editing right now….maybe you want to check it ou later for a smooth read…I hope xD


  7. I read this a while back when it was translated by i believe the same team that did the shield hero, ya lots of missing information if i remember correctly, he went and learned how to craft stuff with metal like a blacksmith before this event.


  8. I believe the idiom “no matter how you slice it” might be appropriate for 「あんたらの物差しではどうだか知らんが、売るものは無い!」ex “No matter how you slice it, I can’t sell what I don’t have.”

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