Chapter 9 – I finally start the capture. But seeing from the surroundings it is done at turtle speed.

Translator: Croseven

Editor: Croseven

I’m now at the area where trees grow sparsely across the meadow.

Is this a rough distinction for the second field?

Going further ahead the number of trees increases until it forms a forest, beyond that it seems it’s the third field.

Now now, to be impatient isn’t good. I will be able to slowly hunt in this area because there are few people.

It is sad, but cooking has been firmly established in the usual place, but…

I placed a vending machine to sell the dishes for me.

Steak – 300 goru

Stir-fried vegetables with meat – 250 goru

Pseudo-herbal tea – 400 goru

And for those who say that potion production is useless, I made a brand new potion.

Here is the performance:

Uncommon Healing Potion (Grape Flavor)

Potion recovers 18% of the maximum HP

In addition, because it has grape juice added to it, it will also recover the thirst meter.

Creation quality: 6

It’s a product that can be used both as a drink as well as a potion.

How long will it take until [Medicine] skill stops being called useless…?

Kukkukku~(TN: giggling sound)

It makes me remember the luxury beverage that follows the food… (TN: Didn’t catch the meaning of this phrase…)

The price is 30 goru. Still, it’s 3 times more expensive than other potions on the market. It feels expensive because the consumption of potions is much quicker than food.

But I will try to resist to this temptation…


At first I confirm the number and kind of monster with [Far Sight] skill.

It became much easier to see beyond 10 and it just looked like I was using a telescope. (TN: The author doesn’t mention a measuring unit…10を越えたあたりから格段に見やすくなっていたので望遠鏡を使っている気分になるほどだ……リアルでも使いたい)

In that way I confirmed it; Wolf, Spider and 3 types of Worms.

At least I’m wearing the werewolf leather set armor that I purchased. Although I shouldn’t just rely on it but instead try to think in evading.

In addition, all three kinds of monster might have high level perception ability.

Moreover, I also have information that the spider has poison, so I want to stay away from close range combat as far as possible.

Besides I want to ascertain the opponent ability for battle.

In other words, I hide by using [Stealth] and sneak attack with the bow.

For that, I acquire a range extension skill named [Hawk Shot] so the bow range is more than 10 making then maximum use of the bow’s long range.

After seeing the opponent’s movement, I consider to fight using [Kick] and [Wind Arts].

I take my fellow prototype composite bow and activate [Stealth]. My presence thins out.

I reached the shooting position without making any noise and aim at the Wolf’s back of the head.

Even though the target is small…I just need to concentrate…

[Hawk Shot] I whisper silently.

I do not shout because it is supposed to be a sneak attack.

There isn’t any need to be as flashy as Hideo is.

The only necessary thing is to quietly gouge an opponent’s weaknesses. That is all.

To kill calmly, is simply my ideal.

Of course if I learn flashy arts even if I hate it’s a different matter, but now is not the time to think about it.

[Hawk Shot] gives the effect to the arrow the moment it has been shot. The arrow approaches the back of the head of the Wolf, and pierces it…Nice aim!

[Gyaun!?] The wolf is surprised by the arrow and then starts to panic.

The pinpoint hit if succeed has a visual indicator.

I don’t miss this chance and go on a rampage. I shot the second, third arrow to the Wolf’s body and only at my forth shot did is body scatter.

I engaged well the enemy by increasing my firepower by strengthening the bow and use sneak attack tactics by using [Stealth] skill.

I fight with enough margins for error, but…

By only using this tactic, I can only level up the [Bow], [Stealth] and [Physical Boost] skills.

After having level up the [Bow] and [Physical Boost] to some extent I started to use the [Wind Art] and [Kick] skill in battle.

Of course, mainly on Wolves…

The spider spits venom and the worm is like a huge green caterpillar.

I don’t want to approach too much…I don’t approve the body fluids…they are purple!

Still, it was worth enduring and fighting. The [Wind Art] skill exceeds level 10 and [Wind Cutter] is acquired. It’s much more powerful compared to [Wind needle].

Though the MP consumption is more intense, I have the pseudo-herbal tea that I created.

There is not a problem at all if occasionally I drink it between each battle.

It’s just not possible to fight constantly like you do in a party.

In other words, it means I spend more time in recovering.

The [Kick] skill improved when the level exceed 15. I didn’t learn a new skill but improved the footwork.

When I’m holding the bow I can evade by using [Kick], also actions that use the [Foot], such as, walk or run, are much smoother. (TN: In the raw the word foot is in brackets….so I decided to let it be…)

Thanks to that, it’s easier to evade, and also to combine the evasion with a counter afterwards.

I move my body either right or left to some extent, and avoid the wolf and worm that are rushing me.

Evade ~ Hello wide open side! Without reservation I knee that side.

The worm seems to have a weak spot on the side, and I sometimes knee strike it.

It writhes…(TN: Definition “Writhe”: to make twisting bodily movements, as in pain or struggle)

If I use [Wind Cutter] now I will split it in two with a single stroke.

There it is, I put an end to this gross thing…I have to get used to it until I find a solution…

And with that kill, I get a skill level up.

After that, I change field and started to gather some medicinal herbs.

Besides the normal herbs that I gather I also can gather the ones sold in stores. Even if it is cheap to buy them in large quantities I still keep collecting herbs to later cook with them. Because I was having fun while collecting the herbs I ended up collecting more than I expected.

….though about 2 suffocation weed were mixed in…I must try to feed it to a monster.

To see how they get caught in agony… (TN: Wooo….welcome to the dark side!)

I wanted to secure some wood, but because I was already out of space I will do it another time.

I think I will come grab it later, because it seems that this wood would make a good bow.

I check if there were more valuable trees in there.

After gathering different material, I go back because the number of arrows had decreased a lot.

I get lighter by selling the leather at an armor craftsman and after I went to the vending machine to check the sales.

It was sold out. The dishes and potions.

A memo was left behind and I read it…

[Juice is sooooo good!]

[Please stock more, it’s not enough…]

[It’s easy to drink, make it so it’s manufacture exclusively]

If you buy from a NPC there would exist so many reaction like this…
Although I don’t want to say [According to the calculation] but apparently one possible route to make money is to spend time and effort developing products….I chuckled to myself.

To think that I just kept it stock for a few days…

Afterwards, the demand for food and potions skyrocket again.

But this time around there was no need to hunt me down for the cooking hell.

Moreover, there was a system attack against players.

Skill status:

[Bow] Level 16

[Kick] Level 15

[Far Sight] Level 12

[Wind Magic] Level 11

[Crafting] Level 23

[Cooking] Level 30

[Woodworking] Level 9

[Medicine] Level 18

[Stealth] Level 10

[Physical Boost] Level 18

ExP 11


24 thoughts on “Chapter 9 – I finally start the capture. But seeing from the surroundings it is done at turtle speed.

  1. There is no update for the manga (english) latest is only chapter 7.. The one i know have more will be in Thai.

    p/s it is kind of hard to find your page. is there any tag that im not a ware of?

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    1. Yeah….it’s strange, but the original says it is an automatic way to sell products…after checking the manga (made by the author of the novel) he draws a vending machine for that …so yeah, I translated as a vending machine! xD


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