Hello everyone Croseven here! 😀
I have been interested in light novel or similar for a while now, so I decided to try my luck and translate something!

Beware that I don’t have any japanese knowledge and my english I would say is about average!

The translations are done alone using Translation Aggregator

I will try to upload 2 chapters/week

Any questions you  can contact me at:


or just leave a comment in the section down below!

P.s.: May take 1-2 days to answer to your email


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi, Croseven. I’m Koru and i’m a fan of Toaru Ossan no VRMMO katsudouki. If possible, may I help you with the editing? But English is my second language and I know nothing about Japanese :”>. Will you still allow me to help you?

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  2. Hi, Croseven.
    i’m syrup would you mind if I will translate your work into Thai language. By the way i’m already translate this work for some chapter. also double checked with Japanese (i know a little in Jap language).
    your faithfully


  3. hi Croseven. i’m syrup and i’m a Thai fan of this uncle (toaru). may i have a permission to translate your work in Thai. also may i have a permission to edit some of your translation due to language criteria
    thank you in advance


    1. Hey! Sorry I’ve been supeeeeeeer busy with irl….no time to translate or even check this email account! =´(
      As long you give me the credit as the original translator + link to my page feel free to use my translation 😉


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