Chapter 13 – First time playing in a Party (First Part)

Translator: Croseven

Editor: Croseven

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Some of you already know but I fell sick a few weeks ago…but I’m already recovering…with that said here it is…chapter 13!

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I have been focusing for a while on training the [Wind Magic] and [Kick].

Training the [Kick] with [Wind Magic] increases its effectiveness, because I want to train how to use the quick foot. (TN: I think he wants to merge [Wind Magic] with [Kick] so I can use is quick foot = move faster)

How to use the feet is particular important.

Martial arts that use punches like boxing are limited, however the foundation to hit a punch are the feet.

Therefore, it’s important to run with weight (TN: 走りこみ) … because it will increase one’s legs strength and also increase the stamina.


It is also useful to the [Bow].

Rather than change to a weapon such as daggers when the opponent approaches, I can quickly sprint away and create some distance, so that way I can shot an arrow again, that is why I choose the [Kick]. (TN: Basically he will use [Kick] on the ground to create some distance from is opponent)

By no means, did I think that the system would correct my feet for stability when I’m moving and setting up the bow.

It is even possible to shot an arrow when the posture is slightly off balance. The power decreases but the combat versatility rose. Leading to an improvement of survival capability.


And when the [Wind Magic] skill level rose up to 15, I learned a new magic but I also receive a Chat Whisper from Zwei.


[Earth, do you want to try play once with us in a Party?] It was an invitation.


Will I not stand in the way because I’m a bow user? I listen for the time being.


[The other members also gave their consent, the way you won is different] He says while laughing. It was set for the day after tomorrow.


[…I’m expecting good food!] he leaves the message as the whisper gets cut off.


He implicitly said that his intention is to extort food from me … it will be good, if that is the direction this is going.

Oh, it’s so, I can go create a new potion.

Because a lot of people have no doubt about me. (TN: Find this pair of phrases out of place…ああ、そうだ、新しいポーションを作っていくか。


Party play day


I saw that there were already five players at the meeting place.

Ara? I’m also 5 minutes earlier, but…

Although I didn’t said because I never played in a party, but a party formation has a limit of 6 players.

In addition, to unite together as a party is normally used when a big boss appears.


[Yo, Earth, you are early, too!] Zwei calls out


[To be late is unpleasant….with the exception of you and Millie it’s the first time meeting the other members.] I greet the members including Zwei.

When you think about it, a self-introduction is needed…


[Now everyone knows Earth-san~] Millie said immediately. Millie’s actions were quick but her speech was calm.

I remember hearing from Zwei that I should be careful not to anger them if not is going to be hell.


[Well then, I’m Nora I specialize in close combat using daggers] A short hair woman self-introduced. Is she the type to attack by trouble or is the assassination type that is good for surprise attacks. (TN: 2 types of plays used by dagger users –the first ones uses confusion/distraction the latter uses stealth …)

When I think so.


[Hey, Earth, be careful] Zwei purposely sends me a whisper even though he is right next to me.


[Don’t mention her figure! Becomes a hell besides Millie!] Zwei says seriously scared…

I mean, eee…, in any case it is easy to understand.

Her figure…she is flat as a board

Her height is about 170cm…I cannot say anything more for her honour.


[Next is me, I’m called Reiji (レイジ) with a look at my equipment you can see that I’m a tank that uses one-handed axe]The man with a good build self-introduced. He was wearing heavy armour and carrying a heater shield as well as a slightly oversized one handed axe on his back.

Withstanding, I find really impressive the one-shot heavy hand axe style to plow through enemies. If he masters that style, he’ll become very reliable. (TN: Some trouble translate this phrase…)


[The last one is me, I’m the swordsman that uses a bastard sword, Kazamine] (TN: Better name translation カザミネ)


Finally, carrying a bastard sword on his back, and using a light-armour with some metal pieces, the swordsman self-introduces.

A bastard sword has a longer handle so that is possible to use it with one or two-hands.

However, in reality [Too heavy as one-handed sword, too light as two-handed sword] don’t except a very good valuation on defective merchandise.

However, that may not be the case inside of the game.

I usually handle as a one-handed sword, but if there is a chance for a heavy blow I use both hands…in a sense, it may handle close to a [Sword].

A good name, the player waits the insertion of the sword.

The possible choices will be dependent upon the update.


[I appreciate the self-introduction. However, 4 front players and 1 bow user. Isn’t the balance bad?] I said what I felt honestly


[Oh, it’s okay, Millie is a multiple attribute magician (mage), also I train in water magic making recovery my forte]

Nora said. Magic soldier…or perhaps I should say magic assassin? I don’t know a clever way of talking, but I will be able to support while near them.

Such an unusual type….such an interesting person is welcome.


[That being the case…what is the hunt target (prey) we’ll be looking for?]


Reiji answered that.


[Oh, the outcome of talking with Zwei is, having a dependable bow user with long-range to rely on, we are supposed to challenge the Wild Bear] (TN: There was one word I didn’t know how to translate ギルマス….the best translation I found was gril trout but that is just absurd….「ああ、ギルマスのツヴァイと話した結果、頼れる遠距離手段をもつ弓使いが来るから、ワイルドベアに挑むことになっている」)



Wild bear…..I’ve heard that besides its big frame, it’s also fast, a troublesome monster.

Originally a bear is not a sluggish creature. It needs muscular strength to maintain its body weight, also its intelligence is very high.

Well in fact, it’s threatening enough that attacks as a monster. It’s when it’s a game, we fight like we care about


[Is everyone good? Then let’s move] Zwei gathers up and starts moving.


It has been decided, I will set foot upon a completely unknown area. It would be reckless to do it alone, but this time I’m playing in a party. There will be no problems if I watch out properly for monsters with [Far Sight] skill.

Idle talk unfolds with the cook about their expectation for the meal, while the travel to the hunting grounds. By using his [Far Sight] skill and reporting the whereabouts of the monsters it was possible to avoid some encounters with extra enemies. The [Far Sight] skill varies. (TN: This last sentence didn’t make much sense…probably mistranslation)


And finally they arrive at the habitat of the wild bear. The [Far Sight] skill identifies the wild bear and I inform the party members.


[The [Far Sight] Skill is really convenient, even just doing this much, there is worth to it] Words of Kazamine

We don’t want to make a situation in that the monster surprise attacks us. Because it is not strange for a party to collapse when such thing happens. Therefore, it’s important to use the [Far Sight] skill as a spotter role more carefully than when I play solo. This behaviour also seems appropriate for a ranger.


[You cast a support magic, while I wait for the MP to recover] Zwei says, Millie and Nora go over and apply support magic.


I wonder why the water magic is good even though she is a dagger user. Even only casting support magic once is good enough, because its effects last for about 30 minutes, so I wait for the MP to recover. There are no problems at all. We started hunting after Millie and Nora gave their okay.


Skill Status:


[Bow] Level 20

[Kick] Level 24

[Far sight] Level 14

[Wind Magic] Level 15

[Crafting] Level 29

[Cooking] Level 34

[Woodworking] Level 9

[Medicine] Level 30

[Stealth] Level 12

[Physical Boost] Level 25


ExP 13


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  1. Yay, more chapters. Thank you~

    Because a lot of people have no doubt about me. 手札は多い方が間違いないからな
    > Because there’s nothing wrong with having more cards in my hand.
    (方 = manner/direction/side, not people in this sentence)

    > guil(d) mas(ter)?

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  2. The word you were not sure of is the shortened version of “guild master” as kookiedreamer has suggested. In other words, Guild Master Zwei.

    I’m really enjoying this story. Thank you so much for translating it.

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    1. Sorry but real life doesn’t allow the time to translate anything….
      The novel it’s currently being translated by another group…check
      Hope I helped (P.s. Also check 😉 )


    1. Or “The [Far Sight] skill is versatile.”

      Multifaceted implies it has many abilities while versatile means it has many uses or can be used in many ways. The skill can only do one thing, see things that are far away, but being able to do that lets you both look for what you want to hunt and avoid what you don’t want to encounter.

      As others have said “ギルマスのツヴァイ” is and abbreviation of Guild Master Zwei. The Japanese like to abbreviate things to just a couple of kana, most of the time the meaning can be inferred by the context.


  3. ah. ok. well then. thank you for your good work. that being said, far, far too many (TN:…) imagine watching tv or trying to enjoy a movie and somebody keeps talking to you. not saying anything important, just constantly interrupting. that’s (TN:…) over and over and over. if you want to talk to people set up a chatango, if you want to give info about the TL, make notes at the bottom. but please, in the future, stop spamming (TN:…) every other paragraph.


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