Chapter 14 (Update)

Hello everyone!

Just a heads up that the release of chapter 14 is running late! With that said… I personally think that will make much more sense to release chapter 14&15 together…(Probably this thursday!!)

Even the author thought that the second part was to long, so he broke down the second part in 2!

Last but not least, a dear reader commented on how a bunch of chapter are missing in the original RAW….sooo, I was thinking when we arrive to that part I would translate the summaries, that are available online (unless someone finds a 2nd source for the original RAW)
P.s: I have a PDF file with the orignal story (I ‘m pretty sure) but it is in vertical japanese, making the translation impossible…

See you thursday!



30 thoughts on “Chapter 14 (Update)

    1. Sorry…my grandma had to go to the hospital (emergency) and I had to stay with her pretty much all day long…thankfully the medics didn’t find anything wrong…. 🙂
      I’m finishing chapter 14 now…and going to try to finish chapter 15 until midninght today but no promises because I’m mentally tired!


    1. Sorry to busy to translate anything at the moment…If you are interested in any novel that I may translate from japanese to english, leave a comment and a link so that when I came back I may take a look at it 😀
      P.s: This novel is currently being translate by another person…

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