Toaru Ossan no VRMMO Katsudouki [Glossary]

—> Be aware, this page may contain spoilers, you have been warned! <—


「ワンモア・フリーライフ・オンライン」-> [One More Free Life Online]


Main Character: 田中 – > Tanaka 大地 -> Daichi -> Earth/Ground/Land (IGN: Earth)

First In-game friend: ミリー -> Miri, but ミリ means mili (abreviation of milimeter) Millie

Two-handed sword warrior: ツヴァイ -> Zwei (personally I think Tsuvai is a better translation but I will just stick with manga translation…let me know what you think!)

Mohawk Party Leader: ウォード -> Ward


10 individual skills (Skill names subject to change)

  1. 弓 -> [Bow]
    • [Hawk Shot] – Gives more range
  2. 蹴り -> [Kick]
  3. 遠視 -> [Far Sight]
  4. 風魔術 -> [Wind Magic]
    • [Wind Needle]
      • 2nd Art: [Wind Cutter] – More powaa compared to Wind needle
  5. 製作の指先 -> [Crafting]
  6. 料理 -> [Cooking]
    • [Cooking Accelaration]
  7. 木工 -> [Woodworking]
  8. 薬剤 -> [Medicine]
  9. 隠蔽 -> [Stealth]
  10. 身体能力向上 ->[Physical Boost]


グロー Guro  <  鉄  Iron
15 Guro = 1 Iron

Creations (Earth) – Under construction-


  • Rabbit Steak
  • Pseudo-herbal tea


  • Heatlh potion

Crafting (armor and weapon creations):

  • Bow
  • Compound Bow

NOTE: If anyone has better naming sense feel free to let me know down below in the comment section! 😀

Also, if anyone wants me to add something to the glossary that I may have forgotten, just drop a comment down below !

Already added the japanese skill name…will be uptading the glossary during the rest of the month!


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