Chapter 12 – Bad luck, an original ability is not allowed

Translator: Croseven

Editor: Croseven (Unedited)

Holy cow! Edited chapter 11, uploaded chapter 12 and break 4k views all in the same day!

Don’t be too meanie with the engrish…

Several days passed since that duel.

The game world only changed a little.

The [Medicine] Skill is no longer an obscure skill.

To be more precise it has been decided that it will receive a proper evaluation.

To begin with, it was considered an obscure skill on the assumption that it was possible to buy cheaply from NPC in large quantities.

With this fact alone, it was enough to review the [Medicine] skill.

And, it only makes sense that after getting reviewed that the skill is much more acquired.

The number of players who came visit me to learn how to do the first stage of medicine has increased (TN: duh!…any more people than zero people is an increase -.-‘)

A lot of players that came for consultation were from the front groups

To a certain extent, I choose to destroy the perfect medicine appearance so that I could supply potions to party members and also guild members

My answer to this, collection of drugs, appraisal, creating the first potion.

This flow was carried out while teaching and showing some demonstrations.

The reality is that I alone am unable to create potions for all users.

My expectations for the near future was to set up a shop to sell the lower grade potion to make a living

Simple story, the potion update will increase the cooldown time, making lower grade potion useless…to say it all is bound to be a severe development.

It is necessary to increase people’s [Medicine] skill in order to one day the overall potion quality you see being supplied is of good quality…

(In addition, the cooldown time is the time it takes to re-use an item, if the time has not passed then you cannot use the same item. So when the cooldown time is extended, in the case of potions the restorative power will be reduced, it becomes impossible to endure (TN: a battle I assume) if a potion with high amount of recovery is not drunk)

The amount of players in possession of [medicine] skill increases steadily, the supply begins to match the potion demand creating a stable situation and the entire confusion due to potion shortage began to calm down.

In a sense, the potion shortage event that you handled is similar to a grand quest.

For the players who treated [Medicine] skill like trash (TN: I so wanna to put other “adjective” xD) it became a bitter memory.

Meanwhile, I…

Even though I want to play solo and chose the obscure skill [Bow] and [Kick] to be left alone, but because of that duel I had not expect to be evaluated

It turns out that a certain player intended to expose the Mohawk party crimes and took a video of that commotion.

To that extent, that much is still good, the video contains every action made from the start of the duel to its conclusion, although the character name was hidden, the video itself was posted in the official Homepage, on the video forum. (TN: Took some liberties on this paragraph)

At the present time the standard tactic that players use is a heavy armour for tight defence and a long sword blow to slaughter

As for the video which shows that with obscure skills like kick and the bow and arrow is possible to knock down and destroy the opponent, it made a considerable impact in the combat job players.

There is no players who use the bow at the present besides myself and the players who used the bow in the beta.

[To hit an arrow like that is not possible to do so often!]

[What is the reason to win with such an obscure weapon…?] (TN: Practice and patience you must have my young padawan)

[That was a special case, I experience myself and its unreasonable]

[You better not consider that to be normal…the cook is that strong]

[I keep saying this to people who see this, the bow is absurd] (TN: pfff…bitch pls you would get one shot by Earth)

The evaluation has been gone like this.

Though it was possible because the opponent skill level was low.

If the other party player that is attacking is not careless and does not relax his guard, I should be able to barely win….if a weak point stands out.

Bow user player -> that guy with the hidden name isn’t the rule …there is no meaning to digress (TN: Lol, I went to grab a snack a then start looking at the phrase and understood the meaning -.-‘ )

Well while leaving such a story has a bonus, this world has regains composure.

I also arrange a constant amount of dishes and potion juice for the stall and go out to hunt. (TN: Apparently, the vending machine was ransack and now he has a stall…)

It is necessary to keep hunting wolf firmly for the development of new dishes.

Wood is also necessary to strengthen the bow, medicinal herbs and herbs are collected.

It is a good thing that I have a goal now…and I go out hunt again.

Well, to be frank there is pent-up anger accumulated during the potion shortage event because it was never possible to hunt.

Because I am irresponsible, and I want to raise more bow skills too.

Growth seems faster if you play as a party, I do not have any choice but use the necessary raw materials steadily to make a living.

It cannot be helped to make mistakes if you are greedy and in a hurry.

I persuade myself and scatter the impatient feelings.

The road to be a Ranger is a long one. ~

Skill status:

[Bow] Level 17

[Kick] Level 16

[Far Sight] Level 12

[Wind Arts] Level 11

[Crafting] Level 29

[Cooking] Level 33

[Woodworking] Level 9

[Medicine] Level 28

[Stealth] Level 10

[Physical Boost] Level 20

ExP 11


13 thoughts on “Chapter 12 – Bad luck, an original ability is not allowed

  1. I’m just thinking, was it better if [medicine] skill get replaced with same term like in the manga, [apothecary] if not a new term, [pharmacist] ?
    cuz as a skill, [medicine] name is bit . . . off.
    sankyu btw

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