Chapter 7 – Supply and Demand aren’t always balanced

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Editor: Croseven

TN: A bit late than “promised” but still nice to upload the 2nd chapter of the week…today (5/10) I will be going over all of the chapters and edit them!

Also, may change some skills name…who knows, if you have any opinion about a skill name leave a comment in the glossary page! 🙂

A few days have passed since the last steak grilling hell.

[Right clear, left clear…advance forward…]

Why I’m walking so carefully after log in, you may ask?

[Yes, the chef is secured!] Along with the voice my shoulder is firmly secured. I turn around and see that it’s not just one person, there are several.

[GYAAAAAAAA!] I scream like when I’m watching horror movies.

The surrounding people [Ah. You are caught…you are caught] and I consent.

This is what my daily life…became.

The start of all this was last grilling steak event.

“After humans ascend they don’t want to go down.”

I don’t know who said that remark, but people who have eat my warm water herb rabbit steak at least once, afterwards they don’t want anything else, to the point that the orders are so many that I want to run away.

The people ordering say

[After eating NPC’s dry bread…] (TN: Basically complain about how could they have been eating bread for so long)

And I still have more problems piling up.

It first happened after [Cooking] skill reached level 15. It made so the cooking evaluation reached 8.

And apperantly when I reach cooking evaluation 8 the rabbit steak started to give a status of [strengthening buff].

Though I said like it’s a problem but no, it is a very good thing.

Further adding to that, most players that are battling in the front lines are making the combat system there main one. So, basically they only use their ExP points for skills useful in battles like attack and support skills.

And to make a second character there are additional fees, that means that to take cooking in the second character is troublesome.

The combination of the above reasons resulted in a huge amount of orders for my food.

Desperately, I tried to overcharged the price [The steaks now are 100 goru each] That is 20 times more the price of NPC bread…

Nevertheless, there was not even an attempt in negotiating the price.


Vanguard players weapon skills somehow have reached level 30, meaning they need to advance in a specialization.

Until now they had the [Sword] skill and they can specialize the [Sword] skill to [One handed sword, two-handed sword, one-handed ax, dual ax] (TN: raw don’t mention two handed ax, I don’t know if it’s a typo or not…片手剣、両手剣、片手斧、両手斧)

However, it turns out that by using stronger arts, the decrease of the hunger meter becames more intense!

Naturally, they eat bread because one dies if they don’t eat anything. However, one bread is not enough to stop the intense decrease of the hunger meter because of the use of these arts during the battle.

Magician system has skills to improve the regeneration of MP, but if you’re not a magician type player then the only method to increase the hunger meter is by eating.

Especially, warriors that use physical arts, such as sword art, or hand-to-hand fighting art the decrease of their hunger meter is intense making them buy a lot of bread compared to the little consumption from magic arts.

Even though bread is cheap, it’s troublesome to be eating all the time.

That is until the appearance of the horned rabbit meat steak!

Though the taste is also one of the points, but what attracted most of the attention was the amount of hunger recovered from it.

The rabbit steak has hunger saturation a dozen times higher than the bread. Also, because the cooking evaluation is 8 you get a small strength buff for a long time and you could get it for more time as long as the cooking evaluation went up.

It is then more profitable to eat the meat steak even though it costs 100 goru, which is 20 times more the price you pay for the bread.

For me 100 goru is decent money, but for the front players it is just some small change.

If I get caught once, I only log out until about 23.30 because I stay earnestly cooking all day long. Of course there is no escape.

[Cooking skill]? Already exceeded level 20 long ago. A ranger line of work should be to be a chef.

I spend all my time cooking while repressing my feelings that I’m troubled with.

When I’m not found I sew and raise my [Woodworking] skill.

Woodworkers usually make shields and staffs. I can’t do anything else but make my own bow because no other woodworker makes bows.

I cut a tree and gather feathers from the bird’s nest that was in the tree, then I make wooden arrows, that way I raise up my [Woodworking] skill after that I prepare materials for the base of the bow.

But I still am very busy with cooking.

Skills are unlikely to rise in the first field trough combat.
It is time to go to the next field.

I want to change my initial useless weapon and armor.
The bow I made by myself…the armor I will buy it from other craftsman player.

Because I have been cooking like crazy I increased my funds by a lot.

I make up my mind to order something good.

Since the repertoire with only the rabbit steak is too boring/cheap?, I go to the food stores and I buy carrots, onions, green peppers and cabbages. I use the Dread Wolf meat I bought from other players and I produce stir-fried vegetables with meat. (Gives a small increase to INT)

Further, I produce a pseudo-herbal tea that tastes a bit bitter by crushing finely some herbs and mixing in plain water because drinking only water is not that great. (it gives an additional 5%MP recovery, small natural MP recovery)

Because the repertoire now has food in it that benefits the magician system. The magician type players who knew this also request more cooking from me.

In addition, the MP recovery potion has yet to appear on the market, so the orders for it don’t stop.

Like that, I go away more and more from my original purpose…

Because if I get caught it is cooking hell, do I even sense any danger?

I cannot but smile wryly in my abilities rising.

While it is nice to buy my own skill, but the amount is quite severe.

Because my play time is all spend cooking, I’m desperate.

Even if I become in such a desperate state, resistance is useless.

I return home from work, take a bath and afterwards eat a meal.

It is time to log in and try out some human wave tactics, a naturally reverse game of tag occurs that cannot be laughed at.

Of course I receive friend and guild invites, but I decline all of them…

The few friends I have, Millie and Zwei, would support me every time I would get caught…

Really why did this happen….

I was greatly perplexed when I discover an explanatory note on the bulletin board for the chef location saying that he was in a small road near a food ingredient store.

Skill status:

[Bow] Level 11

[Kick] Level 12

[Far Sight] Level 8

[Wind Magic] Level 9

[Crafting] Level 15

[Cooking] Level 23

[Woodworking] Level 4

[Medicine] Level 9

[Stealth] Level 7

[Psychical Boost] Level 14

ExP 5

A talk doesn’t easily get worse.

When it becomes slow paced.


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