Chapter 5 – Foolish misunderstanding

Translator: Croseven

Editor: Croseven

(TN: Okay, I’m confused with the first part of this chapter but I think he has been hunting all of those rabbits with the kick/wind needle strategy instead with the bow…or at least until he figures it out why the arrows don’t hit the rabbits…!)

After I exhaust my strength I had a conversation with Zwei.

Afterwards, tens of horned rabbits were hunted

I want to bring down at least several more because the number of dropped items for both the meat and skin is 30.

It says that the drop rate is not 100% (TN: I don’t know where it says, maybe some guide…  :/)

However, only to bring down several horned rabbits is not that easy.

[All the arrows fired from the blind spots, such as, the back or the side, are dodged.]

We could say it was by mere luck that they were jumping up and down and I missed 2 or 3 shots, but all of the arrows miss.

[The opponent is aware of my attacks for some reason]

It is necessary to give it some thought to understand why it is like this

By the way, I also tried out [Wind Magic] by using wind needles as my first shot.

The result was that I hit reasonably well. The magic to some extent can home my opponent, therefore the accuracy rate compared to the bow is better.

But [The first needle shot in the blind spot is noticed and evaded]

That part was common.

Because there is homing ability, if the other party doesn’t evade, the hit rate should be close to 100%.

And I thought [Do all monsters share the same common logic?]

I have been hunting until now, so I don’t have many arrows left, however I don’t want to return without getting some answers.

So I align a goblin as a target that happened to be walking around.

Of course, I use [Far Sight] so it does not found me and I attack him from behind.

Kirikirikirikiri…hiyuon! (TN: Random goblin gibberish)

Aim at the goblin’s head. Because I wasn’t exposed I pulled the bow calmly.

It was possible to shoot…depending on the behavior of the goblin (TN: Anticipate the shot)

… Zuburi

The piercing sound reaches the ears of the living animals. It was a sound that I never heard once when hunting horned rabbits.

Was the goblin confused by the sudden pain?

It’s holding his head.

Of course I don’t miss such a chance and shot the next arrow without reserve.

The next arrow was aimed at the body and it seems it was accurate because I hit the body and even get the arrow stuck on the globin’s body.

However, it doesn’t pierce similar to the shoot that I aimed at head.

In other words, it seems a headshot counts as a vital point.

I shot 2 arrows at the globin and decrease the HP by about 60%.

The 2 wooden arrows hit simultaneously the goblin and then disappear.

The goblin turns here and starts running, shaking in anger.

[Wind needle!]

Instead of using the bow forcibly I choose to use magic.

I cast the magic and it hits. And now, I change my mental attitude to melee combat in order to give the decisive blow with a kick.


As soon as the strange voice came out, a dagger that the goblin was holding shined for a brief moment and he did a reverse slash from the lower left to the upper right in a diagonally manner.

Because he was holding a dagger I thought he was going to stab instead. That wrong though made me dodge slowly and I received a direct hit.

The pain kicks in and 40% of HP is blown off at once.

Nonetheless, it seems that the opponent is higher level than me.

Furthermore, the goblin was pleased to see that I was falling back because of the pain.

The goblin attacks while having a smile on his face.

Did you think I was weak at melee range because I only used a bow and magic before?

However, such standards don’t exist.

Unlike the first arts, I made a dull movement to simulate a stab.

The goblin relaxed his guard allowing me to kick his arm.


It was obvious that he didn’t expect a kick! The goblin who massaged his hand yelled out loud.

I applaud the blockhead to try to understand the difference of the movement I did earlier in the middle of a fight .

As soon as the goblin stops moving to think about it I dealt him a blow with my heel.

Since the arrow shot from the bow a little while ago to the head was very effective. There is no reason to believe that a heel drop to the head would not be effective to smash up the goblin’s head.

[Gori] a thick sound that I anticipate correctly that sounds similar to a reply (TN: Just a goblin saying “Gori” after getting kicked in the head -.-‘ )

After I smashed up the goblin, he then grovels in the ground until he disappears.

I put together my thoughts while I drink a potion.

At least, it hit the goblin.(TN: The arrow from the blind spot)

There wasn’t any movement to take an evasive action.

Then, why does a lower-rank rabbit avoid while it is in the same field?

Is it the race? Demi-human and animal, an unpleasant wild animal?

How would a real hunter behave? Of course is common sense to stay away from the prey, don’t make any noise and keep away from downwind so the prey doesn’t smell you.

What more….

… No way, bloodthirst? In other words, awareness?

In short, the horned rabbits are a beast type that possesses [Instinct], do I own a passive skill to confront that?

So I anticipated that the bloodthirst is felt in the moment of the attack.

Did you evade the moment you felt the thirst for blood?

….It can be. If is the game designers of this game, it is possible to be like that.

The goblin only moved when he felt the pain.

However, to speak out loud the skill name to erase the presence…

It is a behavior that is easier said than done.

When the attack is directed to it, its instincts will alert them.

You need to hide every sense… it’s necessary…

Indeed it was said that I can’t use it, but is…good for Ranger occupation… Is the [Stealth] skill usable?

Sharp monsters have [Instinct], so does the [Stealth] skill exist to deceive or to attack such monsters?

In other words, if used as a [Defensive] skill it may allow one to escape, but if you use it to catch the enemy off guard, is it a [Offensive] skill?

Perhaps [Archery] in itself was considered to be a waste weapon in beta test because it wasn’t studied properly.

Short-range weapons, especially the dagger and knife are used by assassins.

But still, even after they hide their body I can still hear the sounds and smells, when the wind blows. Therefore to beast type monster it is even easier.

Therefore, the assumption that [Stealth] was a waste skill without an effect to run away…was wrong.

There is value to try it out.

I return to the town to replenish the wooden arrows, by getting 50 more.

[Which by the way cost 2 guro per arrow, and 15 guro is one iron]

I deposited the dropped items in the warehouse and then leave for the field again.

After I walk just a little I easily found a horned rabbit.

Fortunately, the back of the horned rabbit is turn to me and it seems he still didn’t notice me.

However, from here on is what is important.


I’m aware of my body presence has thinned out by saying the skill out loud.

I approach to get in bow range without making a sound.

My MP is decreasing rapidly, but it doesn’t matter now

I continue to approach and then I setup the bow calmly.

Somehow, I think even the sound of pulling the bow string is quieter than usual.

I aim firmly at the target and shoot an arrow. The moment I shoot the arrow the [Stealth] skill is forcibly released.

The arrow goes towards the horned rabbit like before…

The difference is that now the arrow went through the horned rabbit.


I understand that reaction nicely…

I prepare to shot again but…there wasn’t a need to do it.

The horned rabbit just collapsed and passed away.

In other words, it was an [Instant Death].

I was hoping to hit the target, but not to insta-kill it.

There isn’t enough power to insta-kill with a wooden arrow and a beginner’s bow.

To understand the results of the previous battle I quickly log off, and afterwards I logon again.

The result, it was that the [Sneak Attack], [Pinpoint Hit] and [Critical Hit] combined made the damage multiplier higher

When I went to go look for an answer…

I succeed in the sneak attack by using [Stealth]

Pinpoint hit…It succeeds only when I attack a specific part.

Critical hit…when it hits the other party’s weak point. But this rarely leads to instant death.

However, if there are opponents with higher rank this will not happen.

[Attention!] This help is only disclosed to players that succeed once.

This was the explanation that appeared.

Wait…doesn’t this sound like a Ranger?

If you are playing as a party against a higher level opponents you need to have a nice basic foundation if not it will be completely up to fate.

It is necessary to use the bow as much as possible to increase in power.

Because I’m solo playing whether the bow is useless is connected directly to my lifeline.

I only have to rest down for a few minutes to recover MP and afterwards I can challenge it next.

[That way…is possible]

I muttered.

When I combine a waste skill with a said scrap weapon then the result is great. If you like card games then this combo would be your favorite.

And, only I can used it because of the bad reputation this skills have with the other players.

Of course it’s not a cheat because it’s a mechanic of the game.

Because the versatility is low, I’m not OP, but the best result is still when you hit the vital points.

While being satisfied enough with the results I return back to the town.

Another reason is because it was getting dark, but, also next I want to stay inside the town.

Skill status:

[Bow] Level 10

[Kick] Level 9

[Far Sight] Level 8

[Wind Magic] Level 7

[Crafting] Level 6

[Cooking] Level 1

[Woodworking] Level 1

[Medicine] Level 9

[Stealth] Level 3

[Physical Boost] Level 10

ExP 2 (TN: Maybe the ExP points needed to “buy” new skills)
Critical return is critical (TN: クリティカルの返礼はクリティカルで )

At last we come to look like a Ranger?

Even though, the skills I use are seen as garbage if you know how to use them properly then you’ll have unexpected strength.


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  1. Thanks for the chapter, I’m glad that someone decided to pick this back up, the story has a calm and relaxing vibe compared to most other vrmmorpgs I have read. Keep up the great work!

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