Chapter 4 – At last, I begin to experience the first step …probably!

Translator: Croseven

Editor: Croseven

The next day.

I eat my breakfast and after finishing my laundry I log in

Do you need to have a wife to do your housework?

The fields were pratically empty, but there were still people on it so I thought to hunt in the afternoon was worth it or not.

During the morning I collected medicinal herbs, and after that I produce some potions to sell.

Grinding  the medicinal plants produces a pleasant sound that brings peace to my soul.

Because of that I produce about 50% of the potions in bulk.

(TN: When author mentions morning and afternoon is refering to IRL time)

When NPC’s sell potions the prices are 6 goru per potion. Because the production tools don’t deteriorate it is possible to make some money.

With the money I earned by producing potions I go out and buy production tools this time for cooking and carpentry. This way I can think of producing other products.

The work for this morning is done, so I log out and have lunch. It is very important to eat properly.

I login and wait for dawn. (TN: Don’t forget the day-night cycle is 3h day/2h night)

People are saying that the visibility during the night is really bad. Besides poison monsters get excited at night.

A guy that looked like a thief wearing leather armor apperantly suffered a triple combo from the poison, surprise attack and impatience because of low visibility; if you don’t carry an antidote with you then you will most likely die at night.

It seems that people that can cast Lv10 light magic can solve this problem and go out a bit earlier, but still the majority of players still wait to get less dark.

Finally I greet the daybreak and depart to the field.

Overall, the majority of the parties are aiming for the next field. To the extent that the first field has few people.

Either way I will be safe because I fight at long range with the bow.

I found a good place with the weakest type of monster, the horned rabbit.

As it is, this type of monster has a very small horn.

However, even though things may appear this way it is better not to make fun of this monster.

At least, there isn’t the fear of suffering a critical hit from it.

Without worrying about it, I set up the bow.

For the time being, I attack the horned rabbit from behind, just in case.

Because one of the characteristic of the bow is that you can’t do rapid fire (continuos attacks) the first shot is very important.

I firmly take a stance….

[Fast…] Hiyu! (TN: Hiyu = sound of something whizzing by…in this case the arrow)

The arrow cuts the wind like a sword and keeps flying towards the horned rabbit.

If this hits! I believed for a moment…the horned rabbit jumps up and down and evades the arrow.


Although I shot from the rabbit’s back he still avoided!? I lightly panic.

The horned rabbit takes the combat system and starts to run vigorously over here.

There is still space left to shoot another arrow. I barely, once again, aim at the rabbit. Take a stance as soon as possible…zing!


Even though I aimed at this guy head, the aim shifted a little and I hit his foot. It seems the accuracy lowers because I was rushing.

Even with the arrow in his foot the horned rabbit doesn’t lose any speed…

「ピー!!」(TN: Shout sound)

I jumped as I shout. The small horn is aimed at me. If I get hit wearing this useless equipment it’s not good.



I presented a kick in the face of the horned rabbit by raising my foot from the bottom like an uppercut to the face.

[Pu ,, Pugyururu Ruru … ]

I’m not a bit sad? The horned rabbit raises his voice as he falls to the ground.

When translate into Japanese, probably (TN: It’s actually in the raw: 日本語に訳すとたぶんではあるが )

[Hi , Hidoi~i ~I~i …] (TN: Hidoi = cruel/heartless)

I have heard it…however there isn’t any mercy. The horned rabbit fell in the ground but it still had some HP left. So I just kick him again like a football free kick.
I kick it and he flew.

[Pugi~yu ~ ~ ~ ~ …]…Kashan

The HP vanishes because of the kick. Apparently the body was shattered.

It dropped two items [Horned Rabbit Meat] and [Horned Rabbit Skin]

I trained the kick instead the bow skill!

At least it solved the fight. Suddenly from behind…

[GOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAL!] A playful voice says.

While looking back immediately,

[This is not football!?] (TN: Football aka soccer) I shouted back.

I turn around and I see a two-handed sword warrior wearing heavy armor bursting out laughing

[No, no, it looks good…Ahhahha ha ha ha!]

[I don’t understand why you’re laughing like that!]

When he calms down [I’m called Zwei], a simple self-introduction. I also introduce myself.

[What was so interesting back there?]

The reason it seems is that when I was fighting against the horned rabbit, it was the first time Zwei heard the sound that came out of the horned rabbit.

Moreover, it seems it was really interesting when the horned rabbit raised his voice when he was blown away by the free kick

And at the end of the talk…

[Justice is amusing!] (TN: Apparently this is a pun…面白いことは正義である)

[Are you a comedian?] This voice echoed around.

Though Zwei’s purpose is to be amusing.

Afterwards, I plunge myself.

It is sad and grieves my mind to have to deal with such imitation of cheap drama.

Moreover, right in the middle of the field. Someone has absolutely seen us. .

[Miss Millie told me that you are quite interesting and I came to see it]

To say that you are friends with that girl…

[I didn’t intend to make this a spectacle…] I complain back.

[Do you want to register as a friend?]

I don’t care anymore

[But I cannot be a comedian partner]

I added. Immediately I stop moving and my shoulder twitched. I start talking with Zwei

This person is no good…I have to be aware of his skills (TN: Comedian skills!?). We analyzed what type of practical joke makes me laugh.

I’m afraid that maybe I was hasty accepting the friend registration.

[Sooner or later, we should play as a party, what do you think?]

However, Zwei left without a proper reply.

After making sure Zwei was heading to the town, I notice incidentally.

[How time consuming it was for me to kill just one animal monster]

It is a fact that time passes after I had the conversation with Zwei, but I still had time to go on a monster extermination.

It is a typical Japanese mistake to feel uneasy of what will happen in the future but a [Painful headache] is an odd way to express what came to my mind. (TN: I just butchered this paragraph! But I don’t think is important to the overall story >.>)

Skill status:

[Bow] level 5

[Kick] level 6

[Far Sight] level 6

[Wind Magic] level 5

[Crafting] level 6

[Cooking] level 1

[Woodworking] level 1

[Medicine] level 9

[Stealth] level 1

[Physical Boost] level 8


15 thoughts on “Chapter 4 – At last, I begin to experience the first step …probably!

  1. I know it’s really late but I’ve started reading through the series and thought I should post a correction.

    “[Justice is amusing!] (TN: Apparently this is a pun…面白いことは正義である)”
    should be
    [Funny things are Justice!]
    This line is used to say what the speaker holds in high esteem. Other examples would be “Cute things are Justice” or “Big breasts are Justice”. The fact that he says Funny “Things are Justice” shows that the speaker is someone that likes puns and jokes. If you read enough series you will come across some of the other varieties


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