Chapter 6 – A sense stronger than any weapon

Translator: Croseven

Editor: Croseven

Author Note: It is not possible to win because the living beings to be alive need more than weapons

With the arrival of the night in the game, a lot of players return to the town. Because the light situation is still not stable, as of yet.
Perhaps this is the timing to go and rest.

The monsters that attack do it with killing intent and things get quite scary because of that.
With that in mind, I take a rest.
There will be many people who will go replenish their potions and food.
Well, I’m a little different in that aspect.
While I think so, I eat the bread sold by the NPC’s.


Bread to satisfy hunger. Necessary to prevent death by starvation.

Cooking evaluation: 3.

To be honest it is not delicious.
Even though there is not a problem, but…

[I want to eat delicious food even inside the game!]

The desire (for good food) increases.

The beta group proceeds ahead to level up than majority of the other players who started on the official release.
I have notice quite a few people whose main occupation is crafting are casual players.
I seem to be able to get advice from the beta players that are playing as crafters.

But it appears [Cooking] didn’t acquire that many players.
Many players think that eating anything is ok, even the NPC bread that is extremely unappetizing.
It doesn’t mean in reality that they are wrong…
If I was playing any other game I would probably feel the same.
However, this world has an accurate sense of taste.
If that is the case, then I believe there is a need to exist delicious meals.

If someone remodel [For example, curry] that Japanese love, with ingredients such as horned rabbit meat.

I decided the field of study I will develop next. [Cooking] skill is level 1.

There is no way to be able to cook elaborate dishes.
Let’s first think for the time being.
That said seasoning is needed.
I go to a certain cooking ingredient shop next to a NPC food store and buy the seasonings.

The most basic but also important seasoning.
In the trading days it would cost its weight in gold.
It complements the taste of meat dishes.
The fragrance brings peace and calm.
You may use it for cooking but it’s also possible to eat directly and has good results.

I restored automatically three points of MP when I eat seasonings.

The direction I’m going with cooking for now is to make grilled steak.

I went to an alley and start to develop a beginner set meal, because if I cook in the Main Street I would only became an obstacle for the people passing by.
I take out a frying pan, a mobile cooker and a mobile table.
To be collected this small, as one would expect of a game. (TN: Reference to inventory…I think!)
I mix the horned rabbit meat with oil to get familiarized with it.
I grilled moderately until I hear a good sound, afterwards I sprinkle evenly with salt and pepper.
I move the meat to a plate so that I can see the color.
I don’t have any problem at all in carrying it in my inventory.

Rabbit steak

Simply grilled horned rabbit meat.

Cooking evaluation: 2

2! NPC bread is more delicious than this…

For now let’s eat to understand, I hope…without thinking I eat.

The result….it’s hard.
It tastes like meat but it is so hard that it will never taste any good.
Moreover, it stinks a little too.
The taste of the salt and the pepper is not good either…I’m convinced about the evaluation of 2.

Ok, I have to break the hard section, the muscle…
Then how should I manage the muscle, I wonder…
I take the cooking knife and lightly cut the meat before grilling it. On the cuts that I made on the meat I put some salt and pepper, I think that will improve the taste.
To eliminate the smell let’s use some herbs.

By the way the cooking set contains a pot, a knife, a chopping board, a frying pan, a gas burner (portable cooking stove) and 6 tables.

The result of grilling another time…

Rabbit herb steak

Horned rabbit meat where herbs were used to erase the smell. The smell disappears, and it was processed so the meat became softer.

Cooking evaluation: 5

Rate of 5…it seems the idea is not wrong.
I immediately try it….the meat is soft and the herb smell is pleasant.
Salt and pepper also worked moderately well, I can be satisfied. However, product evaluation goes up to 10. In other words I’m still half way.
The [Cooking] skill is still low, so it may not be possible to raise the evaluation up to 10.
Fortunately, there is still enough material to test various things.
After thinking about some ideas for around 30 minutes I try them, and then eat the dishes.
I repeat this process countless times until I completed the rabbit steak.

Warm water herbs rabbit steak

Horned rabbit meat grilled after being boiled.
The smell is erased because the herbs were put in the water used to boil the meat.
I balance the softness and the taste of the meat that you can’t even think that it was horned rabbit meat.

Cooking evaluation: 7

And evaluation of 7 arrived.

Even though boiling the meat for afterwards grilling it may be weird but by following my guts I achieve a correct answer in respect on how to cook the horned rabbit meat.
Probably I didn’t have a cooking evaluation of 10 because my [cooking] skill is hopelessly low.
However the result for my effort is the steak right in front of my eyes, the delicious smell is unbelievable and all this comes from the meat of the weakest type of monster.
A satisfying dish was made.
After slowly tasting it, the only thing left to do is eat. So Itadakima…

[Wait a minute!]

We…?! (TN: surprised? ゑ……?)

When I look around at my surroundings I wonder why there are so many players gathering around me…
When I was absorbed in the cooking trial and errors I didn’t noticed anything…
Their eyes were glaring, I was secretly terrified.

[What is going on?] I barely expressed my opinion.

However, the players there appear that didn’t even see me.

The horned rabbit meat that I cooked and was about to eat was being stared at! (TN…meeeeeat! *drool*)

And, their eyes talked.

[[[[[[[[[I want to eat!]]]]]]]]

I felt the danger and quietly I started to put my cooking set in my inventory.
I also stored the rabbit steak.

[He is leaving….]

I hurriedly tried to flee after someone said that. While knowing that resistance was useless.And….it really was useless to resist.

I don’t want to speak too much about what happen next.

I’m told that when I was trying to grill the steak through trial and error, it seems that the sound of grilling and the fragrant smell of meat attracted the appetite of lots of players that were in the Main Street.
And then the players started to deviate from the Main Street until they found me grilling meat using my [cooking] skills.

Needless to say that I’m incredulous on how many people are staring at me silently.

[Don’t disturb him until he completes the dish, then we eat]

I who was desperate trying out new ways of cooking the steak didn’t realize the good smell of meat scattering and I got caught in the encirclement.

Using human-wave tactics [There is no more meat]
[We were waiting until now for you to complete] When I’m going to escape [Wait!] Someone says.

There is no escape, I sadly ha to keep grilling more horned rabbit meat until everyone was satisfied.
Thanks for that it was really late at night, and let me add that the next day was a painful workday.

Skill situation:

[Bow] Level 10
[Kick] Level 9
[Far Sight] Level 8
[Wind Magic] Level 7
[Crafting] Level 9
[Cooking] Level 14
[Woodworking] Level 1
[Medicine] Level 9
[Stealth] Level 3
[Physical Boost] Level 11

And, to say this is a cooking story
When it is a Japanese, in any kind of world, they always want to make delicious meal

(TN: Curiosity: meal in Japanese ご飯 has the character 飯 that means rice)


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