[WARNING] Dropped series!

Hello dear readers!

Unfortunately this is not a chapter!

Get troll’d kappa xD (storm incoming)

I was going to continue to translate chapter 11 today and 12 tomorrow but I’ve been out of power for 1 hour now… so it is just a heads up if there is only a release tomorrow!

Also chapter 11 is longer than previous chapters…I would say it will be around 2k words, till now the chapters have been 1.5k

So yeah… not much I can do, but I will try to translate as much as possible ASAP!


P.s. writing this post on mobile sorry for any mistakes

P.s.2 Meanwhile I will edit the previous chapters as best as I can in my mobile


15 thoughts on “[WARNING] Dropped series!

  1. We had a citywide blackout last night as well..
    I was pissing and moaning the entire time (no, not because there’s no internet) because it was very hot and humid..
    It lasted more than 3 hours… orz
    Looking forward to 11.. ~(^.^~)(~^.^)~

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