Chapter 10 – It is today, therefore, thinking it is tomorrow is foolish

Translator: Croseven

Editor: Croseven (Unedited)

Translator Note: I have been having some difficulties in translanting 攻略, if I’m not mistaken it means capture or playing guide…it appears a few times but sometimes it simply does not make any sense…
With that said, I had some trouble with this chapter so the quality may be not so good…still I will try to improve the chapter over the week…

Finally, this week there will be 2 chapter again 🙂

To whoever is reading this…!

By no means, you must ever be arrogant.

If you are able to read this, then you must also be an adventurer.

That being the case, you may have suitable abilities.

However, You must not be arrogant.

Even though you have great combat capability, but who made the weapons you are equipped with?

Who made protective gear, such as, robes and armor?

Also, the food when you are hungry? And the potions when you are hurt?

It is necessary to never forget… It is necessary to never forget (TN: It’s not a typo, in the raw it actually is written twice)

The weapons and tools that support your strength are made by others.

Those who insist that just because you pay with money or bring materials out, you can take the manufacture process as granted, if so you are deeply mistaken.

Certainly money might be a reliable compensation for the value of things.

But there are things that can’t be paid by money alone.

After all, it does not matter how much strong you are because it is not possible to live without others’ help.

I didn’t notice till I ceased to breathe.

Therefore, I leave this will as a warning to adventures that will come after this.

You must not be arrogant.

It does not matter how strong or how rich you became, you should never despise sympathy, if not you will end like me, miserably in some dark gloomy cave.

The Will from nameless adventurer found in the depths of the first found dungeon….

That day, the moment I logged in I didn’t believe the sight that came into my eyes.

A lot of people with powerful equipment that you don’t see every day settled on downtown demanding to buy.

[Please sell potions~!]

[I buy the potions surplus for 30 goru each!]

[Please sell potions, if you don’t it’s not possible to fight!]

And so forth, and so on…in the end they are just saying  [I want to buy potions]

But why is it? The play guide on the website said that you can purchase as many potions as you like from NPC….it seems that [Apothecary] skill is not useless?

I start to gather information

First I open my friends list. Millie and Zwei are online but…it’s better to hear about what is happening from Zwei

Millie uses the magician system….(TN: Millie has no need for potions I would assume…or is just an excuse because MC is shy with girls…)

I start up a [Private Conversation] with Zwei by sending him a whisper on the friends list chat.

[Zwei, is Earth, can we talk a little now?]

[Oh Earth? You finally came!]

Why did he say finally…I urged him to talk

[Why is everyone in downtown asking to sell potions?]

[The simple answer? NPC’s started to say that they are suddenly sold out of potions]

[What! Then I can assume that is the reason for everyone in front of me being so impatient to buy as many potions as they can!]

[It is quite so, the sudden sellout declaration caused a pandemonium]

Jeez, this became difficult.

Needless to say, an unexpected hit could be recovered with basic light or water magic, but you need direct contact with the magician

Health potions can instantly be used at any time by the vanguard…it is also indispensable for the rearguard.

The sudden declaration [Isn’t available anymore because is sold out] was fatal for the front players who were strategy guiding.

Everyone is unreasonable demanding…the feat to evade all attacks.

There is also, rash remarks for players who want to fight as a tank.

…Though the tank type player are the ones who would receive most benefits from recovery magic.

[For the next while things are going to be tough]

[Earth, what a carefree thing to say, you are the one in the most danger!]

[Oh, is that right?]

[Before didn’t you sell Potion juice? I’m expecting a request spree.]

[Actually, I already have a ridiculous amount of request mails for me to sell]

[I have no choice but to sell in a usual spot, to see if things calm down for the time being]

I understood that is unavoidable…however I have no choice but make up my mind and decide…

Because players saw in the playing guide on the website that [Apothecary] skill is useless and trusted that information, they didn’t take the skill.

[Earth, for the time being I will head to the spot]

[Do you think someone is going to act violently during the sales?]

[You’re correct. See you later]

Whisper was cut…it can’t be helped, anyhow should I take the normal path to get raw materials….

I go towards the place where I produce while being aware that it gets more difficult to do so.

Because I reached level 30 on [Cooking] skill I purchase the intermediate cooking set.

A steamer and grill machine were added.

I buy everything I wanted, and soon I return to the habitual path.

And…I was shoved around as soon as they found me…

[Oh, finally the cook arrived!]

[Cook produces more potions!]

[Money is not an issue, quickly please!]

Everyone is in a chaotic state because they are not able to buy potions but in the middle of the confusion and uproar I shout and attract attention.

[There are too many people, so I have to set a purchase limit!]

Though I don’t understand how many people there are, but the confusion will only increase with a bigger number of people.

Since it’s a time of disaster, in other words, in the current situation I don’t have a choice but put a limit.

[Five potion per person! I want you to think severely and then consent!]

Because the materials I have on hands aren’t that many…and also players without [Apothecary] skill can’t find medicinal herbs in the first place.

I would understand if someone said that I was monopolizing but apparently no one complained about it.

Everything is settled with this talk and I start to produce till I run out of raw materials.

Everyone is standing on a line to purchase properly because Zwei arrived quickly.

Heck…Zwei is a guild master.

Therefore instructions are given out fast. Is case to say that experience means a lot!

I arrange the poisons by myself by freely using batch production.

Even though I use the fruits. Because the influence of [Apothecary] skill is higher than [Cooking] skill it enables batch production.

Because of the level increase of [Cooking] skill the cooking evaluation in batch production is never lower than six.

If it is like this, dissatisfaction because quality issues will not appear.

As for the price, I ask for 40 goru.

Previously, 30 goru was a trial price, if I sell it cheap at the current state, things could become troublesome.

Still to be able to buy potions with effects higher than NPC, because it has fruit taste making it easy to drink and also is able to recover the thirsty meter There was no one dissatisfied.

I can’t possibly cook all day long today.

Anyway, it is necessary to produce potions to increase the supply to meet the demand even if only a little.

Still, I prepare as many meals as possible while producing potions in batches together, that way is much better, because the procedure is much smoother. (TN: Didn’t understand perfectly this paragraph)

Although the raw materials for potions decrease at a crazy pace…

[Sorry, we hit here limit….the medicinal herbs just ended now] I cannot help but declare that I sold out.

I made my best but now with no material it’s hopeless.

After selling out I have to go gather herbs.

When I was thinking in using the remaining time to think about it, it finally happened…

The appearance of violent players that Zwei felt uneasy about.

I was forcibly interrupted form thinking, because he opened his mouth and started shouting

[Hey, hand me over all the potions. We need to use them]

I unexpectedly see the players who spoke in an ugly way….

In the first day, there was a party of five Mohawk players swearing at me because of the bow.

Skill status:

[Bow] Level 16

[Kick] Level 15

[Far Sight] Level 12

[Wind Magic] Level 11

[Crafting] Level 28

[Cooking] Level 31

[Woodworking] Level 9

[Medicine] Level 23

[Stealth] Level 10

[Physical Boost] Level 18

ExP 11


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